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TYPE 42F   1967 
Indianapolis Racer

         Engine: Ford four cam V8 4200cc----------------------------------------
Gearbox: ZF 2 speed-----------------------------------------------------
Chassis: Stressed-skin Monocoque,-----------------------------
with tubular space-frame engine bay-----------------------------
Front Suspension: Upper cantilever rocking arms,--------
lower wishbones,-& inboard coil spring / damper units.-
Rear Suspension: Upper links, twin radius rods,-----------
reversed lower wishbones, and outboard coil spring----
 & damper units.------------------------------------------------------------
Wheelbase: 8 ft. 10 in.---------------------------------------------------
Maximum Track: 4 ft. 8.5 in.-------------------------------------------
Length: 13 ft. 8 in.---------------------------------------------------------
Weight: 1250 lbs.--------------------------------------------------------

The 1966 Indy car intended for a BRM H16 4.2 liter engine,
 but the engine was not ready and the car was fitted with---
   a Ford V8 for 1967.-------------------------------------------------------------
 A tubular space frame was added to carry the Ford V8.-----
 The monocoque ended behind the driver and the original-
 BRM engine was to carry the rear suspension.-----------------