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TYPE 49   1967 to 1970
Formula 1

Engine: Cosworth Cosworth Ford DFV V8---------------------
Gearbox: ZF 5DS12  5-speed------------------------------------------
Chassis: Monocoque constructed from 18-gauge-----------
aluminum alloy sheet, with the engine acting as--------------
 integral stressed member.----------------------------------------------
Front Suspension: Upper cantilever rocking arms,---------
fabricated lower links,-radius rods, & inboard coil spring
& damper units.--------------------------------------------------------------
Rear Suspension: reversed lower wishbones, single top 
links, twin radius rods and coil spring / damper units.------
Wheelbase: 7 ft. 11 in.-----------------------------------------------------
Front & Rear Track: 5 ft. 1 in.------------------------------------------
Length: 13 ft. 2 in.----------------------------------------------------------
Weight: 1100 lbs.-----------------------------------------------------------

The Lotus 49 was an uprated Lotus 43 designed for 
Formula 1 using a truncated monocoque chassis.---
In its inaugural race it not only took pole position----
 in the hands of Graham Hill, but was victorious in---
 the hands of Jim Clark.-------------------------------------------
It was the car which introduced to racing the---------
Formula 1 engine that won the most victories, the--
 Ford DFV.--------------------------------------------------------------
Later derivatives of the Lotus 49 introduced---------
 aerofoils, high mounted wings, wedge shaped-------
body panels, and the use of air management to----
create downforce.-----------------------------------------------
The Lotus 49 took Lotus to the Constructor's-------
 Championship in 1968.----------------------------------------