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TYPE 99T   1987
Formula 1

Engine: Honda RA166-E Turbo V6 -----------------------------
Gearbox: Lotus - Hewland 6- speed----------------------------
Chassis: Carbon / Kevlar monocoque ------------------------
Front Suspension: 'Active' computer-controlled ------- 
 hydraulic pressure pump- powered suspension rams, 
 pull rods, and double wishbones.-------------------------------
Rear Suspension: 'Active', pull-rods, and double-------
wishbones. ---------------------------------------------------------------
Wheelbase: 8 ft. 11.5 in.----------------------------------------------
Front  Track: 5 ft. 10.5 in.--------------------------------------------
Rear Track: 5 ft. 4.6 in.------------------------------------------------
Weight: 1090 lbs.-------------------------------------------------------

The Lotus 99T was victorious in 2 races, the Monte Carlo------
 Grand Prix and the United States Grand Prix, driven by----------
  Ayrton Senna.------------------------------------------------------------------------
For over 5 years Lotus engineering had been developing------
a purely hydraulic computer controlled suspension system,--
 eliminating the need for springs, shock absorbers and anti-----
sway bars,  an "Active Suspension".-------------------------------------
The system was controlled by an on-board computer that-----
monitored sensors, made millions of calculations per second
   and then sent instructions to hydraulic rams at each wheel.-----
Engine was supplied by Honda.-------------------------------------------